Instagram is a very interesting social network that allows you to publish photo and video posts, as well as correspond with each other within the framework of private messages (Direct Message, DM).

What if you're curious to know who another Instagram user is chatting with? For example, your friend, acquaintance, husband or wife, business colleague.

Fair, legitimate, and way of working with 100% accuracy does not exist ! Everything that you can find on the Internet is either cheating, fraudulent or illegal methods.

But there is a relatively honest, legal way, but inaccurate way to find out with whom a person is still texting and communicating on Instagram via Direct Message.

This method involves using the online service Instagram Stalker , which shows all the activity of any person's IG profile. Based on this activity, some conclusions can be drawn regarding the possible communication between Instagram users.

Anonymous viewing of Instagram and Stories

To make sure InstaStalker works and really shows real information, there is a sample report that you can study before registering.

Deleted Instagram Stories Report on Instagram

All reports are divided into several sections. For example,

  • Photo and video publications
  • Stories
  • Comments and likes on the user's page
  • User comments and likes on other people's pages
  • Changes to subscriptions (who subscribed to, who unsubscribed from)

In any report, you can select the desired day or several days, and even weeks or months to get a large report.

Window for selecting dates and periods of reports

Next, we will show you how this information can be used to draw conclusions about the possible communication of Instagram users with each other without hacking, deceiving and breaking the law.

Registration in Insta Stalker

First, you need to register for InstaStalker for free . Registration is simple, standard and very fast.

After registration, the personal account page will open. There will already be added one profile for the example. You can open it and see: there are already existing reports of a real Instagram user there.

Study them to make sure the service works.

Personal account in the spy Instagram

You do not need to delete this account. It will disappear by itself after you add another account. To do this, you need to click the "Add new account" button and enter your Instagram username.

You need to enter the nickname of the user you are going to follow and whose activity to monitor.

Adding a new Instagram user to follow

Enter the name you need in the field - for example, for the user, the name will be apple . Then just press the "Add" button.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to add any account. The INSTALKR service cannot track private closed profiles (with a lock), verified (with a check mark), or profiles with a large number of subscribers or subscriptions. This is a limitation of Instagram itself.

If everything is in order, then after that the profile will appear in your list.

User listed

And you can go to the profile to see the basic profile information. And notification that surveillance is still disabled.

Instagram user profile in the spy service

Now you need to turn on tracking. After that, the service will start tracking all changes in the list of Instagram user subscriptions in order to show all those who unsubscribed.

To start tracking, just click the "Enable tracking" button.

The window to turn on the monitor at zero balance

You will see a message that you need to top up the balance in the service. Just go to the balance page and choose a convenient plan.

Service balance replenishment page

There are different service plans, which differ only in the operating time. The more time you buy, the cheaper each day of surveillance will be.

The purchased days are credited to the balance and can be used by you in different ways. For example, let's say you bought 15 days to monitor comments. You can enable monitoring for all 15 days for 1 user, or only for 7 days, and 8 days will remain on your balance. And you can use them later or to monitor comments for another Instagram user. You can decide for yourself what to do.

Now that you have a non-zero balance in the service, you can enable tracking of the user's posts. Once again we are cashing in on the " Spy " button .

Window for enabling monitoring and timing

And choose the time you need to follow.

Supervised user profile

The user's profile card will change. And tomorrow it will be possible to see the first report.

Be aware that monitoring takes time. Therefore, you will not see the results immediately. Activity will be shown only since the start of tracking. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to restore activity before monitoring.

Press Ctrl + D to bookmark the site and return to it tomorrow. You will be able to see all user reports on this page.

Instruction: with whom can a person correspond in Direct Message?

So, you have registered with the Instagram profile monitoring service. Several days have passed and you have activity reports.

Now how to understand who the user was talking to on Instagram?

Above, we said that it is impossible to 100% figure it out without hacking the IG page. But you can use indirect signs of communication using activity reports in InstaStalker.

First, you need to choose the largest possible range for the report time. For example, a few days, and preferably weeks.

Window for selecting dates and periods of reports

Now you need to look at who the user is following and unsubscribing from. There is a separate section of the report for this.

Instagram user subscriptions report

You need to carefully study this list and see the profiles of all users. Are there old or new real friends of the user, former classmates, colleagues at work or business?

The very fact of a recent subscription can mean the beginning of communication. Or vice versa - the fact of unsubscribing may mean the termination of communication.

Below are the most important reports. These are reports of likes and comments on the user's own page. It shows what other people like the user and write comments, and how often they do it.

User rating report by likes

Report on comments on the user's Instagram page

Everything is simple here. If you see a user frequently liking the profile photo you are following, then that could mean some sympathy. Likewise with comments.

But that's not all. Now you need to look at the report of who the user likes and who the one you follow writes comments to. That is, you will see a list of other people's likes and comments and photos on which all this was put.

Report with subscribers, under whose sweats the user often liked

Now you can find out who exactly is interested and sympathetic to the user you are monitoring. See the posts he liked and commented on. And get a table with the page rank where he most often did it.

When you study all of these reports, you can correlate your observations and pay attention to those users who are most often encountered in these reports.

It is possible that it is with them that the person on Instagram communicates.

What is the service tracking? service has the following useful features:

  • Tracks all the likes on the user's page, as well as the likes of the user himself on other people's pages - you will find out who any person likes

  • Tracks all new posts , photos and videos on the page, saves them and allows you to view them anonymously and download, even if they were later deleted

  • Tracks all new stories (stories), allows you to view and download them anonymously, even if they were later deleted by the user

  • Keeps track of all user subscriptions and unsubscriptions - you will know who the user has subscribed to and unsubscribed

All these functions are already included in any activity monitoring tariff. And you don't need to buy them separately. is a very powerful and functional spy for Instagram that will give you a complete overview of all changes to a user's page and all activities: from likes and comments to new and deleted posts and stories.

Register with the service and find out what any Instagram user is hiding from you!

Want to test it for FREE?

You can study the service and its reports on the example of a real account. Even registration is not required for this!

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