Instagram is a great social network that allows you to share your photos, videos and stories with other users. And also you follow the life of other users, learn more about the preferences and interests of your friends, colleagues, family members, film actors, musicians, artists and just famous personalities.

Instagram has the ability to leave comments under posts with photos and videos. But they are all deleted by the authors themselves or by the post owners for various reasons. And sometimes it’s very interesting to look at already deleted comments under a user’s photo or video. For example, a friend, girlfriend, wife, husband, girl or boyfriend.

Unfortunately, there is no such function in the official Instagram application. If you did not manage to read the comment before deleting, then you will never read it again.

At the moment, there is only one real way to see deleted comments from another Instagram user - this is, online service Insta Stalker for Instagram. And most importantly - it is safe and anonymous!

Just note that does not restore comments, but saves them at home, allowing you to read them later at any time.

Screenshot of the spy's main page on Instagram

The service has a free report for an example, according to which you can evaluate the capabilities and test various functions, in addition to viewing deleted comments. And make sure it is working. automatically monitors all new comments under posts from photos and videos of the desired user, saves them on his server and displays them in convenient daily, weekly, monthly and for any date reports.

Report on comments on Instagram user page

And similarly monitors the comments of the user on other people's pages. Showing also the photos themselves, under which a comment was left.

You can choose any period of the report - several days, weeks or months. Thus, getting a more complete and detailed picture.

Window for choosing dates and periods of likes reports

The service saves Instagram user comments, showing the date and time of appearance and deletion. Even if the comment was deleted by the user himself, you will still have the opportunity to watch it! Which was completely impossible in the official app.

By choosing different report dates and periods, you can see all comments, including deleted ones.

Instructions for viewing deleted comments on Instagram

To track deleted comments of another Instagram user, you need to register in the service.

Registration is standard and very simple. You do not need an Instagram account or password. You do not even need to be subscribed to the user to follow his deleted comments. The service is absolutely safe and anonymous.

After registration, you will find yourself on the page of your personal account, in which one demo Instagram user will already be added.

It’s just for example, so that you can see existing reports by comments and evaluate the usability. And make sure that the service really works and shows the necessary information.

Dashboard on Instagram

You don’t need to delete this account - just click "Add a new Instagram account" - and the demo account will automatically be removed from the list.

Adding a new user Instagram for tracking

In the window that opens, you need to add the username Instagram: what they write after the sign @ (dogs). For example, if the link to the profile is then you need to add "kevin". And click "Add"

User on the list

It is important to note here that not all users are suitable for monitoring comments. Unfortunately, the service cannot work with private private users (with a lock), with verified (with a checkmark) and wound or very popular (with a huge number of subscriptions and subscribers). This is a technical limitation of Instagram itself.

If the user does not fit the criteria, then there will be a corresponding notification.

When the user is added, you can go to the report and make sure that everything is correct. You will see basic profile information.

Instagram user profile in spy service

Next, you need to enable tracking to see new and deleted comments later. To do this, click "Enable surveillance".

Window for turning on the monitor with zero balance

The service will inform you that it is necessary to replenish the balance of your account. Just go to the balance replenishment page and select the appropriate tariff for monitoring.

Service balance replenishment page

In, you can buy a different number of days for monitoring Instagram user comments, including deleted ones. Depending on the chosen tariff, there may be a discount: the more days you buy, the cheaper it will be every day.

Purchased days arrive on the balance sheet and can be used by you in different ways. For example, you bought 15 days to monitor comments. You can enable monitoring for all 15 days for 1 user, or only for 7 days, and 8 days will remain on your balance sheet. And you can use them later or to monitor comments for another Instagram user. You can decide what to do.

Now that you have a non-zero balance in the service, you can enable tracking of user posts. Once again, click on the button "Tracking".

Window for enabling monitoring and timing

And select the required number of days of user tracking.

User profile under supervision

User profile card change. And tomorrow you can see the first report.

Keep in mind that monitoring takes time. Therefore, you will not see the results immediately. Created and deleted comments will be shown only from the moment the tracking is started. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to restore comments before monitoring.

Press Ctrl + D, to bookmark the site and return to it tomorrow. You can see all the user's comments on this page along with other information about his activity.

Report on comments on Instagram user page

What else is the service tracking?

In addition to deleted comments, has the following useful features:

  • Tracks all likes on the users page, as well as the user’s likes on other people's pages - you will find out who everyone likes

  • Tracks all new posts, photos and videos on the page, saves them and allows you to watch anonymously and download, even if they were later deleted

  • Tracks all new stories (story), allows you to anonymously view and download them to yourself, even if they were later deleted by the user

  • Keeps track of all subscriptions and user's unsubscriptions - you will know who the user has subscribed to and unsubscribed

All these functions are already included in any activity monitoring tariff along with comment tracking. And you do not need to buy them separately. is a very powerful and functional Instagram spy that will give you a complete overview of all changes to the user’s page and all activities: from likes and comments to new and deleted posts and stories .

Register in the service - and find out what any Instagram user is hiding from you!

Want to test it FOR FREE?

You can study the operation of the service and its reports on the example of a real account. This does not even require registration!

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